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Oder doch das kleine Schwarze mit gepflegter Konversation.

Imdb Central Intelligence

Plot Keywords: cia central intelligence agency | swastika | nazism | nazi | world war two | See All (7)». Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents». Edit. She was then recruited by the CIA and Mafia to assassinate Castro, but she threw away the poison pills just before she met Fidel. She then worked. Central Intelligence [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 6,31 Std. 48 MinX-Ray Einst war er in der Schule der Nerd, auf dem alle herumgehackt haben, doch nun feiert​.

Central Intelligence

Plot Keywords: false flag | orange revolution | anal penetration | crucifixion | cia central intelligence agency | See All (5)». Central Intelligence [dt./OV]. IMDb h 48 minX-Ray13+. Einst war er in der Schule der Nerd, auf dem alle herumgehackt haben, doch nun feiert Bob. Lilly Barshy, Oskar Belton, Alexander Beyer. Due to the fall of the Berlin Wall, a double agent is targeted by the American foreign intelligence service CIA.

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Central Intelligence [dt./OV]. IMDb h 48 minX-Ray13+. Einst war er in der Schule der Nerd, auf dem alle herumgehackt haben, doch nun feiert Bob. Self - Former CIA Analyst / Self - Former Head of CIA's Bin Laden Unit / Self - Former CIA Officer Self - CIA, / Self / Self - Central Intelligence Agency. A Cameroonese police officer (Alphonse Beni) and a CIA agent (Richard Harrison) try to prevent the Pope from being assassinated by Italian terrorists during his. Haines was an author and chief historian of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who undertook reviews of CIA operations for internal use and also wrote open. Created by Nick Mohammed. With David Schwimmer, Nick Mohammed, Jane Stanness, Sylvestra Le Touzel. An NSA agent teams up with a computer analyst to form a new cyber crimes unit in the UK's Government Communications Headquarters. Amy Ryan, Actress: Gone Baby Gone. Amy Ryan was born on May 3, in Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Amy Beth Dziewiontkowski. She is an actress, known for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (), Gone Baby Gone () and Escape Plan (). She has been married to Eric Slovin since August 23, They have one child. Dwayne Johnson, Actor: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock, was born on May 2, in Hayward, California. He is the son of Ata Johnson (born Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia) and professional wrestler Rocky Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles). His father, from Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, is black (of Black Nova Scotian descent), and his mother is. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart star in the buddy comedy Central Intelligence. When Calvin meets up with an old high school friend he accidentally gets drawn into a covert CIA op to catch an. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. With Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet, Amy Ryan. After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage. Central Intelligence is a great movie with a well developed plot and a terrific comedic cast. It's a fun, mindless comedy action that you can switch off from reality while watching and have a good time, there are many side splitting moments and even parts that had me at the edge of my seat. Central Intelligence () Parents Guide Add to guide. Showing all 35 items Jump to: Certification; Sex & Nudity (9) Violence & Gore (8) Profanity (4) Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (1) Frightening & Intense Scenes (7) Spoilers (6) Certification. Edit. MPAA. Central Intelligence () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Reunion Guest uncredited Joe Jafo Carriere Reunion Guest uncredited Joanie Catalano Reunion Guest uncredited Chemi Che-Mponda Restaurant Patron uncredited Kadian Clarke Office Worker uncredited Angel Connell Reunion Guest uncredited Clemeen Connolly Reunion Guest uncredited Jeffrey Corazzini CIA agent uncredited Rayshaun Deese Derrick uncredited Tierre Diaz High School Student uncredited Alijah Ileana Dickenson Student uncredited Nicholas A.

CIA Agent uncredited Sue Dimouro Reunion Guest uncredited Alexandre Dornback Reunion Guest uncredited Hannah Jane Doyon High School Student uncredited Jody Ebling Reunion Guest uncredited Irina Egay Reunion Guest uncredited Ellyana Recruit uncredited Matthew Eriksen Track Star uncredited Tim Estiloz Office Executive uncredited Olivia Filleti High School Student uncredited Keith Fluker Agent uncredited Sarah Fostier High School Student uncredited Rocco Frattasio High School Track Athlete uncredited Shane Fuller Reunion Guest uncredited James Galarneau Reunion Guest uncredited Susan Garfield Office Worker uncredited Mickey Gilmore Bartender uncredited Tom Granger Reunion Guest uncredited Jed Griswold High School Teacher uncredited Alin Halajian Reunion Guest uncredited London Hall High School Student uncredited Mikaela Happas High School Student uncredited Anita Harkess Reunion Classmate uncredited Kimberly Howe Waitress uncredited Elisabeth Anne Hughes Bar Patron uncredited Ian Dylan Hunt Reunion Guest uncredited Frankie Imbergamo Bar Patron uncredited Emmanuel Jalbert Extra uncredited Marcela Jaramillo Business Woman uncredited Billy Jenkins High School Student uncredited Nicole Jesson Classmate uncredited Keston John Young Bob voice uncredited Jimmy Jules Sure, there were some amusing scenes, but it wasn't a side splitting funny type of movie.

I guess it is basically one of those 'life didn't quite turn out as we expected' type of movies — the ones where at the end of highschool it seems as if the world is your oyster, but twenty years down the track all the potential that was there when we were young seems to not only have gone, but has been wasted.

In fact Joyner doesn't even want to attend his reunion I know what it is like — I didn't, despite the fact that Facebook as allowed me to connect with my old school friends because he feels that the expectation that was there were he was left has been wasted.

Mind you, it is also one of those 'wouldn't it be good' type of movies — the ones that suggest that it would be good if something were to just suddenly happen to take the monotony out of life.

Even though it was enjoyable, and I would hardly call it boring, it seems to suffer from the malaise that many of the Hollywood movies seem to be suffering from these days — lack of depth.

Oh, and it is also predictable as well — I worked out that there was a purpose for the giant inflatable gorilla almost as soon as I saw it.

As convenient as it may be to pigeonhole 'Central Intelligence' into the label of a buddy cop movie, the always-amusing, often-hilarious and surprisingly-affecting action comedy really is much more.

For starters, Kevin Hart's Calvin Joyner isn't a cop at all; in fact, he's a put- upon mild-mannered accountant who is disillusioned with his job and where he is at in life, despite being married to his high-school sweetheart Danielle Nicolet.

For another, Calvin and Dwayne Johnson's Bob Stone can't quite be called buddies, especially since they have been out of touch with each other for the past twenty years and are only reconnecting upon Bob's initiation on the eve of their high school homecoming reunion party.

Oh yes, the catch here is that while Calvin used to be the high- school superstar who excelled at everything from athletics to academics to drama and was thus dubbed 'The Golden Jet', Bob — who used to go by the name Robbie Weirdicht — was the overweight kid who had to contend with being dragged out of the locker-room shower by a bunch of sneering bullies and thrown naked in the middle of a school assembly.

And yet, in his moment of humiliation, Calvin's act of kindness in offering his 'Golden Jet' jacket to cover Bob's privates has made him Bob's hero, so much so that Bob worships Calvin as no less than his idol.

But it isn't just for old times' sake that Bob is now reaching out to Calvin — indeed, after watching 'Fat Robbie'- turned-He-Man take out four bullies in front of his eyes, Calvin agrees to Bob's seemingly innocuous favour of accounting help with his overseas payroll.

And so begins a series of CIA hijinks, as Bob reveals himself to be a CIA agent after someone known as the 'Black Badger' who has stolen the US satellite encryption keys and intends to sell them to the highest bidder.

Though Calvin wants no part in the high-stakes operation, he finds that he is already unwittingly involved when Bob's superior Pamela Amy Ryan turns up at his doorstep and informs him that Bob is a rogue agent who happens to be the very Badger himself.

Oh, there's also the question of whether Bob's former partner Aaron Paul in an extended cameo was killed by the Badger as Bob claims or was in fact killed by Bob himself as Pamela claims.

As earnest as Bob may appear, Calvin's struggle as he grazes past one life-threatening setpiece after another is whether to trust Bob in the first place.

Yet because Johnson and Hart have performed similar shtick in previous roles, the real fun is in watching the two actors play against each other in quieter and more intimate scenes, such as a couples' therapy session between Calvin and his wife which Bob crashes by pretending to be their therapist.

It is in scenes such as this that the sheer chemistry between Johnson and Hart shines through. Thurber, who co-wrote the script with Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen, plays against his audience's expectation by letting the usually motor-mouthed Hart play the straight man and Johnson be the unhinged man-child responsible for the verbal and physical shenanigans.

Thanks to Johnson and Hart's elevated performances, the 'role reversal' works beautifully and makes for reason alone to watch this instead of say the next 'Ride Along' sequel.

The stronger than usual character work is yet further proof that this film is a notch above many others of its ilk, demonstrated in the insecurities that Bob and Calvin each have to deal with individually along the way.

Even though the opening scene of Bob's teenage appearance in the form of Johnson's face fattened by CG trickery suggests that it may end up pandering to the lowest-denominator, 'Central Intelligence' ultimately proves unexpectedly sensitive to the plight of those bullied in high school in its concluding scene, where Bob finally overcomes his personal demons to take the stage in front of his schoolmates twenty years after being painfully humiliated.

Besides a cameo by Melissa McCarthy as Bob's high-school crush, it is as sweet a parting shot as any, underscoring yet again what an earnestly endearing and humorous joyride this odd-couple buddy movie has been.

Most of all, Johnson and Hart are like 'yin' and 'yang', and together they prove that a little Hart and a big Johnson goes a long, long way.

TheOvereducated 29 February I had a great time at the cinema back in It's a very fun, action-comedy movie with a heartwarming core thanks to the very sweet character Johnson is playing : There are 2 small details I didn't like.

And so the sole purpose of that smile was to trick the audience into still doubting about his innocence. I understand they wanted to keep the audience guessing until the big revelation at the end, but that was not the correct way.

They could have fixed that easily. Overall though, I can easily see beyond these details and as I said, I like the movie a lot and I like a lot that Johnson's character is all about stoping bullies!

Avoid this movie! This weak story line is not helped in the slightest by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson poor attempt to act. Even though Kevin Hart is a respected stand up, there was no funny moment in this movie that was not shown in the trailer.

Save yourself some money and time by just having a cheap laugh at the trailer as this contains the few decent parts of the movie.

The predictable story line of the popular high school jock Kevin Hart in the future becoming a bit of a loser stuck in a dead end job.

While a school nerd becoming some cool FBI agent Dwayne Johnson is such a lazy plot and there is no real development on the story line other than this.

Not to mention the fact that Dawyne Johnsons attempt to play a different sort of character than the typical hard man just comes across strange and unbelievable and is one of the worst examples of acting i have ever seen in my life.

As with so many other films like this, I went in expecting to like it, but also prepared myself for the fact that it may be disappointing, as The Rock and Kevin Hart both often put out hit-or-miss films, but this one greatly surpassed my expectations, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But I have to say, I was surprised at how much I liked this, especially since I ended up liking it more than I expected or wanted to going in.

This really just looked like another raunchy, foul-mouthed, shoot-em-up movie that the s so consistently produce, and while this film is no exception, it does all of the aforementioned elements with style.

It really is just another fun, buddy action comedy that really soars because of the chemistry and gravitas brought by the two main stars.

Dwayne Johnson was an overweight, geeky high school student who had one, embarrassing encounter with Hart's character, and he eventually reaches out and contacts Hart's character through Facebook years later.

The two meet up at a bar, and they hit it off, but both realize how different the other is. It turns out that Johnson's character is a rogue CIA agent who was framed, and now he's running from his own people to stop the and guys and prove his innocence, but he needs Hart's accounting expertise to pull off his plan.

What follows is a string of well-directed and edited action set pieces, along with often uproariously funny comedic moments, with some character development in between.

This is a certain kind of movie for certain kinds of people, and not everyone will like it It really comes down to wether or not you like at least one of the two main actors, and wether or not you're ok with Hart's loud, at times obnoxious motormouth character who is unprepared for the intense, fast-paced action-packed scenarios that Dwayne Johnson's intense, likable character throws him into.

If you're not a fan of loud, sometimes annoying, sometimes slapstick comedy, or over-the-top, fast-paced and occasionally brutal action sequences, then this movie isn't for you.

There's a surprising amount of slick action in this film, although I shouldn't have been surprised since The Rock's in it. I honestly expected less, but this film gave me so much more, and as an action fan, I was quite pleased.

I often find that low expectations make for better enjoyment. About the comedy, this is actually a hilarious movie.

Midflight, Stone, recognizing that Joyner is struggling with some life decisions, fools him into thinking that they're going to crash after running out of fuel and gets him to admit that he would regret not having any children with Maggie.

At an underground parking garage, where the deal is assumed to be taking place, Stone enters alone, while Joyner sees Harris entering a short while later.

He assumes that she is the Black Badger and runs after her only to find Stone meeting with the buyer and claiming to be the Black Badger.

Stone shoots Joyner, grazing his neck, to keep him safe. Phil Stanton arrives, revealing that he is alive, and claims he is the real Black Badger.

The buyer attempts to retrieve codes from both Stone and Stanton, but the CIA arrives and a shootout ensues, wherein Joyner grabs both codes and runs outside.

He encounters Stone and Stanton, who engage in combat. Unable to decide who is the criminal, Joyner aims blindly and shoots Stone, only for Stanton, having faked his death in order to get away from Stone and his obsessive clinging to his past, to confess that he is the Black Badger and that Stone is innocent.

Joyner causes a distraction that allows Stone to rip Stanton's throat out, killing him. The two deliver the codes to Harris, who then drops them off at their high school reunion , where Joyner reconciles with Maggie.

Stone is announced as the Homecoming King, with Joyner revealing to Maggie that he hacked the voting system to ensure Stone's win.

Olson attempts to bully Stone a third time, but Stone knocks him out. As Stone delivers his speech, he relives his most embarrassing high school moment and takes off all his clothes confidently.

He walks off stage to unite with his high school crush, Darla McGuckian. In a pre-credits scene, Maggie is pregnant and Joyner has joined the CIA.

As a gift for his first day on the job, Stone returns Joyner's varsity jacket from the high school incident, which he had kept.

The two friends climb into Stone's truck and drive off to begin their workday. The script was greenlit by Universal Pictures in , and Thurber was selected to direct and started to write the script together with Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen.

Before production began, Thurber convinced New Line Cinema to buy the script and the studio became the film's domestic distributor through Warner Bros.

That year, Dwayne Johnson was cast alongside Kevin Hart. Central Intelligence ist eine US-amerikanische Actionkomödie aus dem Jahr von Regisseur Rawson Marshall Thurber , die am Juni in die deutschen, österreichischen und deutschsprachigen Schweizer Kinos kam.

In den Hauptrollen sind Dwayne Johnson , Kevin Hart und Amy Ryan zu sehen. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte von Calvin Joyner, der gegen seinen Willen von seinem ehemaligen Schulkameraden Robbie aus seinem Alltag gerissen und in eine gefährliche Mission verwickelt wird.

Calvin Joyner führt ein ganz normales Leben als Buchhalter und ist mit seiner High-School-Liebe Maggie verheiratet. Auch in der Ehe mit Maggie gibt es Probleme.

Kurz vor der Jubiläumsfeier erhält Calvin bei Facebook eine Kontaktanfrage von Robbie, einem ehemaligen Mitschüler, der sich jetzt Bob Stone nennt.

Robbie war früher stark übergewichtig und wurde in der Schule gehänselt. Calvin, der nicht ahnt, was aus Robbie geworden ist, verabredet sich mit ihm in einer Bar.

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Imdb Central Intelligence Kurz vor der Jubiläumsfeier erhält Calvin bei Facebook eine Kontaktanfrage von Robbie, einem ehemaligen Mitschüler, der sich jetzt Bob Stone nennt. Films produced by Scott Stuber. Reunion Guest uncredited Joe Jafo Carriere Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson Amy Ryan Aaron Paul Danielle Nicolet. CIA agent uncredited Rayshaun Deese The film premiered at the Regency Village Theater on June 10, Beethoven Lieder User Ratings. Joyner finds that the deal is happening in Boston and helps Stone steal Langhaarfrisuren Feines Haar plane. The two friends climb into Stone's truck and drive off to begin their workday. Buddy action comedies. Top Sonamoo Box Office of Olivia Wilde and Zoe Lister-Jones interview each other about their Sundance film How It Mifune Naruto. Q: What is "Central Intelligence" about?

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Imdb Central Intelligence
Imdb Central Intelligence


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