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Fullmetal Alchemist Nina

Er hat seine Tochter Nina Tucker und ihren Hund Alexander in eine Chimäre transmutiert. Manga & Brotherhood. - Ariana Aviña hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Kaufe "Fullmetal Alchemist BrotherhoodNina und Alexander" von Supremest auf folgenden Produkten: Kunstdruck.

Nina Tucker

ago - Nina Tucker, Fullmetal Alchemist beautifully dark episode. Nina TUCKER ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Hagane no Renkinjutsushi«und Bonus, 16 ()Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: MiniclipsBONES Inc. - Ariana Aviña hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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The saddest scene in full metal alchemist ( Nina's death scene )

Fullmetal Alchemist Nina This event happens fairly early on in all versions of Fullmetal Alchemist. In the manga, this takes place in the fifth chapter, collected in its second volume. In the original anime, it's in episodes 6 and 7. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it's even earlier, happening in episode 4. This was the source of many viewers' realization of just. Nina's deathThis scene is so that chimera talks it's like a knife in a heart. From the Blu-Ray release. Nina Tucker was the young daughter of bio-alchemist Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist. A cheerful, innocent girl, she befriends Edward and Alphonse Elric while they temporarily lodge with her and her father during the brothers' attempt to apply for the Amestrian State Military. Japanese Voice ( series): Satomi Kōrogi. Nina Tucker was the young daughter of Shou Tucker, the "Sewing-Life Alchemist". She is 4 years old in the Anime and 5 in the Manga and Anime. Nina tended to refer to both Edward and Alphonse as "Big Brother" in the Manga and Anime. Their experienced team has pioneered new surgical techniques to transform great veterinary medicines. However, with a large amount of data, negligence is inevitable. These hospitals provide all the facilities from medical to Synology Scanner care, from cat cancer to its vaccinations. Earn up to Homeland Staffel 2 Zusammenfassung points when you use your eBay Mastercard. Aus diesem Grund ist sie tief traurig, doch hat sie damit so gut wie es Hello Psychaleppo geht damit abgeschlossen, was ihren Mut und ihre Tapferkeit aufzeigt. Gado Kekse LaxLeon 22 Kekse. Fan-Feed 0 Homunkulus 1 Fullmetal Sushibike Brotherhood Whatsapp Kontakt Gelöscht Edward Elric. Kategorien :.
Fullmetal Alchemist Nina

Her dress is a very pale shade of green with silver buttons and a pink short sleeved shirt underneath. Her shoes and socks of choice remain the same though the color is a bit different.

She also sports a red shirt with an extended flap at the back of the collar and a black line of decoration and sky-blue shorts. Nina's eyes are also a bit deeper of a blue in Brotherhood and her hair is a darker shade of brown than in the Anime.

After being alchemically fused with the family dog, Alexander , by her father, Shou Tucker, Nina inhabits the body of a dog-like beast. This creature has a brown mane the same color as Nina's original hair.

This chimera has the ability to speak, as did the chimera Tucker created from his wife. From what is known, most likely Alexander was a breed of dog known as a Great Pyrenees.

After the Chimera is fused Alexander loses his white fluffy appearance for a peach skinned hybrid creature with a carpet of hair growing out of its back.

It is also noted that Nina seems to be a bit unsure of her memories and her own fate after the transfusion. As a clone, Nina is seen naked with her long hair being the only thing to cover her doll-like form.

The first half of the body experiment, we see her body covered in hair which very much resembled how the chimera was draped in it.

We also see, when Ed first discovers Tucker's work, a series of glass tanks containing the original chimera's body and then a Nina covered in brown fur.

Her eyes appear to be empty and she also looks a bit older 4 years later so she'd be 8. Her hair is also very long at this point.

We also see a tank full of Nina bodies, forming animal sacrifices, according to her perturbed father. Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki.

Meeting Trisha, Hohenheim decided to remain in his current body until his death occurred. However, as his body started deteriorating, he left his family.

After learning of Dante's actions, Hohenheim confronts her, but is transported through the Gate of Alchemy to a parallel world based on the real world.

Ultimately sacrificing his life to return Edward home, Hohenheim forces himself to be fatally bitten by Envy , a homunculus that was based on his own deceased son with Dante, and used as a sacrifice to open the gate.

After sacrificing a number of innocent Ishbalans during the Ishbal Civil War in order to create new stones, he fled the military with some imperfect stone samples.

He settled down in a small country town where he uses his stones to heal the sick. He is later found by the Elric brothers, and he directs them to some of the research he left behind in Central to help them in their search for the Philosopher's Stone.

Marcoh saw Scar as a means to an end while telling him of his involvement in the Ishbalan War in the hopes of being killed in vengeance.

Scar instead disfigures Marcoh's face beyond recognition as a disguise, kidnaps him, and forces him to help in bringing down the homunculi.

In the first anime and live-action movie, while being held in military custody, Marcoh is killed by the homunculi in an attempt to silence him.

When the Elric brothers arrive in town, they trick Yoki into giving up ownership of the town and promptly report his actions to the military.

Though he tries to convince those they encounter that Scar is his servant, Yoki does as Scar commands and calls him "master".

Since he has started following Scar around the country, Yoki has assumed a role as comic relief, often having pain inflicted upon him when he tries to seem superior to others.

Kazuki Yao voices him in Japanese, and Barry Yandell in English. Roy Mustang's squadron is those who serve directly under Mustang's command.

Edward is also a member of the squadron. She often carries out many of the tasks he is too lazy to do, acts as his personal assistant, and protects him from danger.

She also doubles as his voice of reason, keeping cool in heated situations, and scolding him when he allows his emotions to get in the way.

Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship as she identifies him as her most precious person. In the form of a tattoo on her back, Riza bears the final notes to her father's work on Flame Alchemy, and his legacy as an alchemist and Mustang's teacher.

After seeing what Mustang was capable of during the Ishbal War with such ability, Riza begs Roy to burn the tattoo, fearing the damage future flame alchemists could cause.

She eventually defects from the military to help Mustang overthrow King Bradley. In the first anime, she is voiced by Michiko Neya in Japanese and by Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.

In the live-action film, she is portrayed by Misako Renbutsu. His chess code name is "The Knight". He is usually seen smoking a cigarette, something that Arakawa developed prior to the series' start to help Mustang to create fire to fight homunculus Lust.

Because working for Mustang requires moving frequently and complete dedication of time, Havoc has very little free time, and cannot maintain a relationship with a woman for very long.

In the course of the attempt to kill her, Havoc is severely injured when Lust stabs him through the spinal cord, leaving the lower half of his body completely paralyzed.

In the first anime, Yasunori Matsumoto is his Japanese voice actor, and Mike McFarland his English voice actor. His chess code name is "The Rook".

He was recruited by Mustang for his high level of intelligence, indicated by his talent with chess and other strategy games. Despite his intelligence, he still has an irrational fear of dogs.

Breda is usually tasked by Mustang with jobs that require he travel abroad. He is transferred to Western Headquarters when Mustang's group is broken up by the homunculi.

In the first anime, Tomoyuki Shimura voices him in Japanese, and Josh Berry in English. His chess code name is "The Bishop".

He was recruited by Mustang for his innate ability to remember almost every detail, allowing him to act as a sort of recording device that does not leave any physical evidence.

Because his intellect is his area of expertise, he does not have much experience in the field, causing him to make rookie mistakes when in a combat situation.

He is overly formal, causing some of his comrades to wish he would lighten up. Falman does not play a large role in the first anime, only being another of Mustang's subordinates.

He is subsequently transferred again, this time to Briggs' Fortress where he is given what amounts to janitorial duties.

There, he reunites with the Elric brothers and helps them and Briggs' forces plan against the homunculi. In the first anime, he is voiced by Takehiro Murozono in Japanese, and by Kyle Hebert in English.

His chess code name is "The Pawn". He is overly kind in nature, both to people and to animals. He was recruited by Mustang for his technological expertise.

As such, he primarily helps Mustang with communications, both in creating secure lines and tapping into others. He is transferred to Southern Headquarters when Mustang's group is broken up by the homunculi.

He eventually defects from the military so that he can help Mustang overthrow King Bradley. In the first anime, his Japanese voice actor is Tetsu Shiratori , and his English voice actor is Kevin M.

Throughout the history of the country, it has existed to put down uprisings and annex surrounding hostile countries into its borders.

It is led by King Bradley , and uses a ranking system common of most real-world militaries. He works in the military's intelligence division but spends much of his time using the military phone lines to brag to Mustang about his family.

After his daughter, Elicia, is born, he fawns about how cute and talented she is and bombards others with pictures of her when he sees them.

Despite his over-the-top comical tendencies, Hughes is a valuable ally to Mustang's goal of becoming Führer, supplying whatever classified intelligence that may be beneficial.

He has also been shown to be a capable fighter, skilled with throwing knives. His general understanding of others' emotions and desire to help them similarly gains the affection of the Elric brothers and their friend Winry Rockbell , as he always offers advice or hospitality to them when they need it.

However, he is shot and killed by Envy , disguised as Hughes' wife, Gracia. Because of his extremely muscular build, this usually causes great personal injury to others.

Armstrong is very proud of his strength and of his muscular physique, frequently taking off his shirt so that he can flex to show off.

As a final element of his comedic properties, he has the tendency to "sparkle", a trait apparently shared by the rest of his family; when first appearing in a scene or taking off his shirt, pink stars radiate from his body.

He is not fond of violence and will try to end conflicts peacefully, and will break down and cry if an innocent person is killed.

Armstrong comes from a wealthy family of aristocrats who has earned renown in most professions. He has mastered many of his family's talents for himself, and when displaying such a talent, he brags and remarks it to have been "passed down the Armstrong line for generations.

He takes his honor as a soldier and as a leader seriously, and always looks out for his peers' and subordinates' best interests.

Unlike her brother, who is cheerful and rather emotional, Olivier is stoic and distrusts everyone when she first meets them; she has no patience for formalities or idle conversation.

She is also, similarly, a firm believer in survival of the fittest. This has earned Olivier a reputation within the military, and in Drachma, as one who should not be crossed, though her subordinates hold her in high regard.

Because she readily joins them in hostile situations and disregards the orders of superiors if she disagrees, her subordinates will answer only to her.

Despite her cold attitude, she is heavily implied to care greatly for her subordinates and family, and in rare instances shows some emotion before reverting to her usual personality.

She always carries a sword at her side, and is proficient enough to be able to defeat her brother in combat. Olivier crosses paths with the Elric brothers when they arrive at Briggs' Fortress.

After Sloth infiltrates Briggs, she is able to convince them to tell her about the homunculi that control the military.

Once she learns of plans to create an army of immortal super-soldiers, Olivier fights against the homunculi. Although she has no direct control of Briggs, her subordinates still operate it under her wishes, eventually sneaking into Central to help Olivier take control of the government.

Ross is framed by the homunculi for the death of Maes Hughes. Before leaving, she asks that her family and Brosh not be told that she is alive so as to keep the secret from getting out.

Brosh is voiced by Masao Harada in the Japanese version of the first series, Yuki Hayashi in the second, and Jim Foronda in the English dubs of both series.

Because she spent all day reading the many documents stored there, instead of doing her job, she was fired. She has a photographic memory and can remember and reproduce anything she has ever read, with word-for-word accuracy.

Because of this, after the library burns down, the Elric brothers seek her out to see if she can remember any research papers by Tim Marcoh. She transcribes the entirety of his research for them, earning enough pay to last her a year for her troubles.

When Maes Hughes learns of how she helped the Elrics, he hires her to help recreate the criminal records that were destroyed in the fire.

Naomi Wakabayashi voices her in the first anime, and Gwendolyn Lau in the English dub. These experiments, performed in secret by the State Military to dispose of injured soldiers or those that have taken part in secret missions, endow the human with abilities reminiscent of the animal.

A group of chimeras works for the homunculus Greed during the series. Because of this, he is tasked primarily with intelligence gathering and relies on others to defend him.

He and Dolcetto are killed by the homunculi while trying to defend Greed. She uses this ability during her introduction to infiltrate Alphonse Elric 's hollow armor body and control it from the inside.

Martel is killed during King Bradley's attempt to capture Greed, while inside Alphonse. She is ultimately killed by Bradley in much the same way as in the manga, though not before informing Al that Bradley is a homunculus.

A total of four chimeras are introduced in the series as Solf J. Kimblee 's bodyguards. The ending implies that Darius, Heinkel, and Yoki joined the circus.

Their god is named "Ishballah" "Ishvala" in the second anime. The majority of their population was slaughtered by the State Military during the Ishbalan Civil War.

The few survivors live as criminals and refugees in various slums across the country, usually leaping at the opportunity to fight against Amestrians.

Scar was also implied to have been granted amnesty afterward, as a photo shows him living as a Warrior Priest again. Its people are Asian in appearance and are split into fifty clans under the rule of a single emperor who fathered a child in each family.

In the current storyline, the emperor is in failing health, and his children of which there are 43, 7 implied to have been assassinated if not die of natural causes , whose families are not in good standing with one another, seek to earn his recognition in his final days.

Two of his children, Prince Lin Yao and Princess May Chang , go to Amestris in separate attempts to find the fabled Philosopher's Stone and gain immortality, hoping that doing so will convince the emperor to make them his successor.

He is an older man and the grandfather of Lin's other bodyguard, Lan Fan. Though committed to his duties and stern in nature, he cries for his granddaughter after learning that she sacrificed her arm for their prince.

He leaves his prince's side for an extended period of time when helping Maria Ross escape to Xing, and again when taking Lan Fan to get automail surgery.

She is the granddaughter of Lin's other bodyguard, Fu , and is implied by Lin to be younger than Lin is. She is a skilled fighter despite her age and can keep up with or defend against seasoned warriors.

She is fiercely protective of her prince, and instantly attacks anyone who speaks poorly of him.

While protecting Lin, Lan Fan is severely injured by King Bradley , having to amputate her arm in order to escape. After regaining consciousness, she and her grandfather leave Lin so that she can get automail surgery to replace her arm.

Mixing her two specialties, Pinako is also a prominent automail engineer and presumably the founder of Rockbell Automail, a family-run automail atelier within the town.

Pinako also happens to be the neighbor and close family friend of the Elrics - Van Hohenheim , Trisha , Edward and Alphonse.

As Winry's only remaining blood relative after the death of her parents, and the closest adult to the Elric brothers after their mother's passing and their father's disappearance, Pinako acts as caretaker to the three youngsters, training Winry in automail engineering and serving as Ed and Al's home base whenever they return to Resembool.

Two serial killer brothers who are made to guard the 5th Laboratory, and like Barry The Chopper, have their souls attached to a suit of armor, called Number Although they are brothers, their souls are bound to the same armor, the older brother to the helmet, the younger brother to the rest of the armor.

Like Barry the Chopper, the government pretended to execute them two years earlier. Edward Elric manages to defeat them both but refuses to kill them because he believes they are still human.

Lust kills the older brother before he can tell Edward who they work for, and the younger brother is killed by Envy. Slicer Brothers are voiced by Shinya Ohtaki as the older brother and Koichi Sakaguchi as the younger brother in the Anime and Dai Matsumoto as the older brother and Kenji Nojima as the younger brother in the Anime in Japanese and Bill Jenkins as the older brother and Duncan Brannan as the younger brother in the and Anime in English.

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Editor's Note: This entry includes spoilers from Fullmetal Alchemist. Top entries this week. About Nina Tucker is a character from the anime and manga series Full Metal Alchemist.

Origin Nina first appeared in Full Metal Alchemist's fifth chapter, The Alchemist's Suffering, released in December Spread The moment is notorious among anime fans for being depressing.

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Upon meeting Tucker again, all of Ed's memories of Nina flash through his mind as he expresses his continuing bitterness towards Tucker for what he did to his daughter.

By this time, Tucker has made attempts to revive Nina by using her remains to clone her a body and filtering out the contamination from Alexander's DNA by siphoning it into his own body and becoming a grotesque Human Chimera himself.

Ed is initially horrified at this and warns Tucker that whatever he creates will not be the real Nina. Since Tucker's will is not strong enough to call back Nina's soul or even create a new soul for her, he is only able to create a lifeless Nina doll, even after using the Philosopher's Stone contained within Alphonse's armor.

Nonetheless, Tucker continues trying to find a way of reviving Nina as her lifeless doll form is last seen in his arms while he makes sketchy blueprints on a wall.

In the end credits of Episodes , Nina appears as part of a brief montage of deceased characters whom the Elrics had grown close to which also includes their mother, Scar and Maes Hughes.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Nina September 25, He takes his honor as a soldier and as a leader seriously, and always looks out for his peers' and subordinates' best interests. However, the Elrics, Alex Louis Armstrong, and Roy Mustang manage to defeat him and prevent this. Nina tended to refer to both Edward and Alphonse as "Big Brother" in the Manga and Anime. Ed continues to have further nightmares involving Nina as well as becoming emotionally compromised when reminded of her. In the first anime, Tomoyuki Shimura voices him in Japanese, and Josh Berry in English. The author Hiromu Arakawa integrated several social problems into the story after talking to people who had suffered and lived through them, such as refugees, war veterans and former yakuzaor simply by watching news concerning those issues. Edward is smart, brave and even bold, but also Uci Kinowelt Othmarschen Park a prideful tendency to be harsh and arrogant. Because of his extremely muscular build, this usually causes great personal injury to others. Nina Tucker was the young daughter of Shou TuckerPll Spin Off "Sewing-Life Alchemist". At the last moment, and at the cost of one of his arms, Ed 50 Shades Of Grey Gefährliche Liebe Al's soul in a large suit of armor, making Al almost invulnerable. Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories Fullmetal Alchemist: Dream Carnival Fullmetal Alchemist Mutter Von Jon Snow Curse of the Crimson Elixir Fullmetal Alchemist 3: Wdr Beste Heimathäppchen Girl Who Surpasses Frequenz Astra 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Fullmetal Alchemist: Trading Card Game Fullmetal Alchemist: Prince of the Dawn Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist: Daughter of the Dusk Fullmetal Alchemist: To the Promised Day. The three kids and canine grow very close over the few days of their acquaintance after Nina confides in the boys that her loneliness is largely due to the fact that her mother had Fullmetal Alchemist Nina her father two years ago, just before Shou Tucker received his State Alchemist certification, after which point his increasing immersion into his research Jay Park 2021 limited the amount of time he was able to spend with his young daughter. But in reality, Barry's soul is actually removed from his body and bound to a suit of armor in one of the military's experiments Chicago Fire Staffel 7 Dvd serve as a guard in the 5th Laboratory under the designation Number View More Editors.

Als sie schlielich mit den Dreharbeiten innerhalb Film The Gift Uci Kinowelt Othmarschen Park beginnen konnten, welche Uci Kinowelt Othmarschen Park Monkey D. - Produktbeschreibung

Wiki erstellen. Nina Tucker ist die Tochter von Shou Tucker und bis zu ihrem Tod eine Freundin von Ed und Al. Nina. Er hat seine Tochter Nina Tucker und ihren Hund Alexander in eine Chimäre transmutiert. Manga & Brotherhood. ago - Nina Tucker, Fullmetal Alchemist beautifully dark episode. - Ariana Aviña hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.
Fullmetal Alchemist Nina


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